Production Process

Our Ice Cream Production Process

How We Make Our Delicious Ice Cream

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Cow milk

Our Production Process In Detail

New Forest Ice Cream use only the finest milk and double cream from local farms. We add extra double cream to ensure our ice cream is the smoothest and creamiest it can be.

Milk Collection

A milk tanker collects the milk from the farms and delivers it to us, it is usually 3-5 ºC in temperature when we receive it.
Milk collection
Milk testing

Milk Testing

After it has been unloaded we test the milk to make sure it is safe for human consumption, we use a delvotest kit for this.


We heat the mix to a temperature of 72ºC to pasteurise the mix. Pasteurisation is when all the bacteria in the mix have been killed this happens at 71.2ºC. When the required temperature has been reached we hold the mix at that temperature for 20 minutes to allow for mix to be fully mixed.
Filtration process


After the mix has held for the allocated time we pass the mix through a homogeniser - this passes the mix through a very fine and dense filter which in turn breaks down the mix.

Milk Cooling

After the homogeniser the mix passes through a plate heat exchanger - this rapidly cools the mix from 72ºC to 5ºC and then the mix goes into an ageing vat which brings the temperature down to about 1ºC.
Milk cooling
Flavouring and colouring

Flavouring And Colouring

It is in the ageing vat where the flavours and colours are added.

The Big Chill

When we pack the ice cream it is pumped from the ageing vat into an ice cream freezer. It goes in as a liquid and comes out as soft ice cream at about - 5ºC.


From here we pack the ice cream into tubs. If we are putting inclusions in such as raisins or chocolate chips we use a fruit feeder.


After the packed ice cream comes off the packing machine it goes through a metal detector and then gets coded with a date and best before.
The big freeze

The Big Freeze

It then gets packed into trays or boxes and goes into a blast freezer which is at -24ºC.
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